An individualized plan to navigate the college athletic recruiting process


Our industry-breaking, holistic approach demystifies the admissions and recruiting process for prospective athletes.

Every admissions case is unique so our incredibly qualified staff will guide you through every step in what can be a complicated process. By utilizing our experience as world-class collegiate coaches and admissions staff, we will help athletes reach their academic and athletic potential through personalized plans customized to address specific needs.

We provide the academic, athletic, psychological, and leadership tools to set candidates apart from their peers and prepare them to navigate high school and college more smoothly. While Bulldogs Coaches is equipped with a team of professionals from a variety of arenas, families will be paired with a single advisor managing all aspects of the student’s growth. In addition, if athletes are already working with a personal coach, we want to liaise with that professional to maximize potential – this is a team effort. Together we can reduce the stress and anxiety of the admissions process and work to find the perfect academic and athletic fit for each child.


Guidance towards understanding all of your options and the rules associated with the process.


Assistance throughout the entire process to help you get into the school of your dreams.


Our tutors are either current Ivy League students or recent graduates, they are familiar with the most recent versions of the standardized tests they teach.


Each of our decorated coaches have proven success both as athletes and students.


Learn what it takes to become a great leader that people turn to when things do not go according to plan.


Develop the mental fortitude to handle any situation both on the field and in the classroom.