The mission of Bulldog Coaches Athletics program is to provide strength and conditioning programs that will reinforce injury reduction, athletic performance improvements, and create a competitive winning environment. Focus will be placed on all areas of athletic enhancement, strength, power, speed, agility, core strength, conditioning, nutrition, flexibility, and mental toughness. All athletes will be viewed individually to allow each athlete to develop their full potential.




Chris is the Head Strength and Conditioning coach at Sacred Heart University. He was an assistant strength coach at Yale University before moving to Morehead State to be their Head Coach. He holds a Master’s degree in Exercise Science. In his nine years of experience he has worked with a variety of teams from fencing to football. His record speaks for itself: 1 National Championship squash team, 4 Ivy League Championship squash teams, 2 OVC Championships in Soccer and Volleyball, 6 NEC Championships in Baseball, Indoor Track and Field and Outdoor Track and Field, and 16 National Strength and Conditioning All-Americans. He has coached youth athletes and helped prepare college athletes for professional careers. His breadth of knowledge means he can work with any athlete at any level and get improvements.


Our world-class coaches and strength and conditioning experts will provide a comprehensive fitness evaluation and assessment of playing level. Based on these results, in combination with the athlete’s goals, we will create customized sports-specific workout plans to unlock a student-athlete’s full potential. Our plan focuses on the following hierarchy for athletic improvement:

Injury Reduction:
An athlete who is injured cannot help their team achieve success. A primary responsibility of strength and conditioning coach is to recognize weak areas of an athlete’s body and prescribe methods to fix those weak areas.

Strength Improvement:
The most effective way to garner results from a strength and conditioning program is through the use of ground based multiple joint exercises. The proper use of ground based multiple joint exercises will improve an athlete’s overall strength and minimize imbalances.

Triple Extension Movements:
The ability to run, jump, and perform explosive sport movements remains the key for achieving success in sports. Through the proper use of exercises that require triple extension of hip, knee, and ankle joints athletes can greatly improve their explosive power.

Sport Specific Training and Skill Development:
The use of sport specific training methods in agility and conditioning training, combined with drills that enhance skill development, will ensure that athletes are meeting the metabolic demands of their sport.


We are experts who have played and coached at the highest level. We know college athletics and all of its physical demands. Time is limited and we know how to maximize results in short periods of time. Our comprehensive team of professionals is here to support you.

We know what college coaches are looking for. We have coached national championship and league championship teams. We know which athletes fit each college’s mold. We know the gap that exists between youth sports and college sports and we are here to make sure that you are not only able to get into the college you would like, but be successful once you are there.