We believe that a strong work ethic and highly developed leadership skills can take an individual farther than their innate ability. Because recruiting slots are highly coveted, college coaches are often looking for intangibles that differentiate high performers from those with just the greatest amount of talent. Our leadership curriculum teaches student-athletes how to cope with defeat, lead a group towards a common goal, and manage stress and other performance impediments. We teach that leading and following are intertwined. You needn’t be the captain to be an effective leader. This aptitude is often lacking in young adults and makes the transition to college difficult. Participation in our leadership academy leads to highly desirable skills that are appealing to coaches looking to build successful teams and college admission officers looking to recruit empathetic university citizens and future leaders. These lessons learned from this program will provide a foundation of success for the rest of your life.




Ashley Bernhard is a woman who has done it all. She recently founded Haven Hill to advise organizations on creating initiatives focusing on equality, leadership and empowerment. Ashley considers herself an “equalist.” She specializes in working with both men and women to promote gender equality inspiring the next generation of leaders. She will head our leadership division which is working on a certification with the world’s best leadership program through a prestigious university.

She has three children who grew up as competitive squash players. Two are in college and one is in private high school. Thus, she understands the recruiting process for college and prep schools as a parent and all the pressures on today’s youth. Her wisdom is sought out by many. With her strong background in Marketing/PR/Event Planning, Ashley focuses on identifying strategic opportunities and developing programs that bring stakeholders together to create solutions. Ashley has been a key leader in professional squash promoting equal opportunities and equal prize money for women. She founded the Tournament of Champions Women’s Squash Leadership Program, an annual event dedicated to celebrating the impact of female athletes and women who lead on and off the court. She currently serves as the Deputy Chairman of the Professional Squash Association, the global governing body for the sport.


Our Industry leading youth leadership curriculum is tailored to the stressors facing scholar-athletes. Our program is divided into two critical parts:

Mastering the self: mindfulness, self-reflection, goal-setting and values, avoiding peer pressure.

Mastering relationships: difficult conversations, influencing change, building trust and leading change


We believe the measure of a total person is greater than the sum of their parts. Colleges are looking for more than high GPAs and test scores and the top athletes in their sports. Our two-pronged leadership component differentiates us from other college prep businesses and it will differentiate your student. As universities become more diverse communities, the ability to listen effectively, communicate clearly, and lead groups of individuals with differing opinions becomes critical. These skills are not taught in the classroom, but they are integral to success in the recruiting process and well beyond. No one else will make these skills a priority and as admissions becomes more competitive, this will be the hidden advantage.