Our goal is to provide a reliable and consistent flow of information to reduce the anxiety of college athletics recruiting.  We have navigated this path with numerous student-athletes and we know where the challenges lie. A few simple strategies in early high school can make a large impact on your college path. Through honest communication, we provide guidance on all aspects of the process including NCAA and conference rules, communication with coaches, social media engagement, and ensuring you choose the school that meets all of your personal needs.




Pam comes to Bulldog Coaches with thirteen years of experience in college coaching across multiple divisions. As a college athlete she won two National Championships at Trinity College. She began her coaching career as the Head Squash Coach at Mount Holyoke College where she took the team from #24 in the nation to #11 in just four years, while completing a Master’s degree in Sports and Exercise Science at Smith College. Most recently, she was the Associate Head Squash Coach for Men’s and Women’s Squash at Yale for nine years. In her tenure, Yale won two National Championships and five Ivy League Titles. As a national championship coach, having experience across multiple divisions, Pam understands the rules and knows what elite caliber coaches are looking for from their student-athletes. Not only does she understand college sports from her time playing, but she has also spent her entire career in them as well.


Every recruit has a different story and will join us at a different point in their journey. Therefore, your plan will be tailored to meet your needs. Using our comprehensive college fit survey results, in addition to your academic history, diagnostic testing, and athletic profile we will help you find a college that suits your needs. Specific areas that will be targeted are:

Planning Skills:
Advice on the recruiting time line, what to expect, and how to make yourself the strongest candidate within your given time frame. Time management skills to help you gain time during your day to make life less stressful and a give you the opportunity to do things you feel like you are missing out on. Easily implemented, everyday tools to help you maximize your time and keep track of all your interactions with coaches.

 Communication Skills:
Help drafting resumes and emails with coaches. Tips for phone interviews and in-person interactions. Other useful information on the NCAA rules governing communication and how to interpret a coach’s message.

Academic Guidance:
With our guidance you can create the best transcript for your academic profile. We can advise you on which classes you should be taking as well as provide tutoring help if you need it. Testing preparation is also included.

Extracurricular Activities:
An integral part of your admissions file, we will provide guidance on choosing activities that compliment your personality and values.


We are experts who have played and coached at the highest level. We know college athletics and all of its academic demands. We understand the stress teenagers are under – homework, finding time for a social life, test prep, training schedules, and the worry over being recruited. Time is limited and we know how to maximize results in short periods of time. Our comprehensive team of professionals is here to support you. Our advice can be trusted as we have been recruited, we have been the recruiters, and we have been the highest-level academic and athletic performers. Our career experiences give us a unique perspective on off-the-court-skills, like leadership, that will set you apart from your peers and help you be successful.

We know what college coaches are looking for and we have spent our careers building trust and credibility among our peers. These relationships with other college coaches throughout the country are invaluable.  We have coached national championship and league championship teams. We have helped many students get to the required academic level and sustain it. We know which athletes fit each college’s mold. We know the academic gap that exists between high school and college and we are here to make sure that you are not only able to get into the college you would like, but be successful once you are there.