A company built on recognizing that what you are taught in school isn’t the only knowledge you need to get through life. Employers, coaches, and colleges are looking for life skills that we teach. We pride ourselves on teaching self-awareness and balance to our parents and athletes. We are working to develop student-athletes who will flourish in college not only because of their actions on the field; But that they exhibit ethical and community centric leadership skills as well. These traits are what coaches often believe to be missing in today’s sport-only athletes. Thats where our team of experts come in!



Mentorship and assistance in connecting and communicating with colleges and coaches. Understanding NCAA rules and regulations for appropriate communication throughout the complete process. Partnership with personal or club coaches to ensure an efficient and consistent flow of information with college coaches.


Our expert educators provide academic support through customized tutoring solutions for every student in order to help them achieve their goals.


Psychological guidance with a certified sports psychologist strengthens student’s focus and drive during the recruitment process, as well as enhancing athletic performance.


Navigation through the admissions process, beginning with identifying target schools and continuing until the completion of the application process. From test prep assistance to essay assistance, our certified experts will be with you every step of the way!


Our world-class coaches and strength and conditioning experts will provide a comprehensive fitness evaluation and customize sport-specific workout plans to unlock your student’s full athletic potential.


In conjunction with experts from Columbia University, we provide training in active and ethical leadership that diversifies student’s capabilities and ultimately makes them a better teammate and recruit.